Known as the 'Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica has remained natural for thousands of years.

Dominica (pronounced DOM-IN-EE-KA, and not to be confused with the Dominican Republic), has been fully independant since November 3rd 1978

Dominica is fortunate to have some incredible nature, amazing tropical scenery, and a variety of beaches to suit all, from golden sand in the north, to black sand in the east, to stunning rocky formations, perfect for diving and exploring the underwater nature that dominica has to offer.

Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean, full of natural wonders, making it the perfect nature holday destination.

The people are warm and friendly, and the nature island's cuisine is second to none, full of natural island grown products; good for your health, and tasty for the tummy

There is a wide variety of stunning flora and fauna, including several unique species to Dominica, the cute agouti and the cheeky Manikou, as well as a massive variety of nocturnal creatures to be seen and heard in the natural surroundings.

A tropical tropical climate of loads of sunshine and our fair share of rain, it is the idea ecotourism, nature and adventure vacation destination in the caribbean.

If you are visiting for the day on a cruise ship, one of our private island day tours is perfect for you.

Come sample our hospitality, and let us show you the best of Dominica, the Nature Isle of the Caribbean.